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Should I sign a Rent to Own agreement?

rent to own With the changes to mortgage approval rules, it is harder than ever to be approved for a mortgage. This is a problem for both Buyers and Sellers. Buyers cannot afford to buy, and that means Sellers have fewer opportunities to sell their homes. Many people wonder if a Rent to Own (also known as a Lease Option) is as good solution. Either a Buyer or [...]

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How do I change my custody arrangements?

Change Custody
I saw a Court of Appeals case yesterday where the Court overturned a Queen's Bench decision that changed parenting from a primary parenting arrangement to a joint [...]


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Are you a law student?  Or a post secondary student hoping to go into law in the future?  Consider applying to be a summer student with Quick Click Law.  You will have the [...]

What do I need to know to start a business?

start a business
You have a great idea to start a business. You are an expert in your industry. You know you can make a living off of your idea. What's stopping you? Do you feel [...]

Can my child decide where to live?

child decide
As children age, parents often ask, “When can my child decide where to live?” That is often followed up with an age, like 12 or 14. The answer might surprise you. [...]

Innovation in Family Law

Innovation in family law
The family court system in Canada is a mess. It is expensive, inefficient and does not serve the needs of families. Anyone who has entered a family court room, either as a [...]

Can my landlord evict me?

landlord evict
Were you served with an eviction notice? Are you confused, scared, nervous and wondering if your landlord can evict you? TheResidential Tenancies Act sets out the rules [...]

Foreclosure Law in Alberta

Foreclosure is the legal process that allows a mortgagee (usually a bank) to take possession of property because the mortgagor (the owner) has defaulted on the mortgage. [...]

What is a Personal Guarantee?

start a business
Have you ever agreed to a personal guarantee? Maybe for a friend, a child, a spouse or another family member? If you own an incorporated small business, a bank might ask [...]

Do I need a Travel Consent Letter to take my kids across the border?

Travel Consent
Christmas holiday season is fast approaching, and for single parents planning to travel, the burning question is "what documents do I need?" or "Do I need a travel consent [...]

Last Will and Testament

Last will & testament
Your Last Will &Testament is a key part of your estate plan. It is important to understand what a Last Will & Testament does, and does not do to avoid problems. Let [...]