Foreclosure Law in Alberta

WhatForeclosure is foreclosure? 

Foreclosure is the legal process that allows a mortgagee (usually a bank)  to take possession of property because the mortgagor (the owner) has defaulted on the mortgage.  Basically, if you own a property (house, condo, duplex, farm etc.), have a mortgage and do not make your payments the mortgage holder can take over the property and force you to move. You can default on a mortgage for things other than failing to pay, but that is the most common reason.

How long does foreclosure take?

The legal process of foreclosure is lengthy. It can take from 3 months to more than a year, depending on the details of the case. Different types of mortgages have different steps, and every step must comply with the legal process.

What is the court process?

The chart highlights some of the key steps in the foreclosure process.


If you are being foreclosed on and need legal advice, please book a consultation.

For Tenants

If you are a Tenant and discover the home you are renting is being foreclosed on, please visit the Centre for Public Legal Education for additional information.  If you need legal advice, please book a consultation.

This article neither constitutes nor is intended to be legal advice. Please be advised that if you need legal advice, you should consult a lawyer regarding your individual situation.

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