1)      Do real lawyers provide your services?

Yes, any service you receive is provided by an active, practicing member of the Law Society of Alberta that is contracted through Quick Click Law.

2)      How come your services are so much cheaper than other lawyers? Isn’t this too good to be true? What’s the catch?

There is no catch.

Traditional law firms bill hundreds of dollars an hour for their lawyers but only a fraction of that money actually goes to the actual lawyer who provides you the service. The remainder goes to the cost of running the office, paying support staff, paying rent etc.  As we operate online, we don’t have those costs, so we can pass the savings onto you.

3)      You only have a low initial consultation so we will hire you to manage our entire file and it will still cost thousands.

Unlike traditional law firms, our business model is not built on working from beginning to the end of the file. Instead, we provide “unbundled” legal services, which means we only work on the parts of the file you need our assistance with.  If all you need is a consultation, that’s all we will provide. If you need additional assistance, you can discuss those costs with your lawyer.  Plus, we offer a 100% money back guarantee on our consultations, so there is no risk to you in trying the service.

4) How much do you charge?

We charge a flat $79+ GST for our consultations, which last about 30 minutes. If you wish to retain a lawyer for any other services the lawyer will provide you with a written quote for the work, and if you agree to the charge, we guarantee you will not be charged anything more than the quoted amount.

5)      I live outside of Alberta.  Can you help me?

Currently, we are only licensed to practice in Alberta.  That means we can only provide legal advice to clients who have matters in Alberta. We are expanding every day, so stay tuned. If you would like to know when we expand to your area, please sign up for our newsletter.

6)      Will you go to court for me?

As court cases can be heard all over the province, we are unable to represent you in court. However, we can prepare your court documents, draft your arguments, brief you on court policy and procedure and coach you so you can effectively represent yourself.

7) I need help in an area of law not listed.  Can you still help me?

The areas of law listed on our website are areas we guarantee we have an experienced lawyer available to assist you in. Send an e-mail to info@quickclicklaw.ca with the area of law you need help in, and we will let you know.

8)      How do I get started?

Please fill out our contact form, select the appointment time that works for you, and pay the consultation fee. Your lawyer will contact you with a retainer agreement, intake questionnaire and arrange to meet with you via Skype, FB Messenger, or telephone at your option.

9)      What if I am not happy with the service you provide?

Our business is built on customer service. That’s why we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all consultations.  If, at the end of the consultation, you are not satisfied, we will provide you with a full refund.