Once you have a judgment, or other legally enforceable right to make a claim against someone’s assets, you need to act on that judgment as quickly as possible to prioritize your claim, and recover the money you are owed. Let Quick Click Law help you with Debt Collection.

Quick Click Law provides you with a lawyer who will answer your questions and guide you through the process. Your lawyer will initially provide you with a consultation.  We guarantee that consultation will answer your immediate questions, tell you what your rights and responsibilities are, and give you a path forward.

After the consultation, if you need additional help, your lawyer can also:

    • Prepare writs & garnishee summons
    • Prepare Land Titles Registrations
    • Coach you through the process of garnisheeing paycheques or bank accounts

Book a confidential online consultation below for only $79+GST (total $82.95).

With our 100% satisfaction guarantee you have nothing to lose.