Side view of mid-adult couple facing relationship difficulties

Going through a separation or divorce is one of the toughest times you can face. Family Law issues are tough.

Are you scared? Does the future look uncertain?
You have all kinds of questions, and all your family and friends are trying to help, but all you get is conflicting information. You need to know what your rights are. You need to know how to protect your children.

Obtaining legal advice immediately after, or even prior to, separation, is crucial to protect your children and financial assets.  Quick Click Law provides you with an experienced lawyer who will answer your questions and guide you through the process. Your lawyer will initially provide you with a consultation.  We guarantee that consultation will answer your immediate questions, tell you what your rights and responsibilities are, and give you a path forward.

After the consultation, if you need additional help, your lawyer can also:

    • Prepare court documents
    • Provide Child & Spousal Support Calculations or Recalculations as well as an explanation of what they mean and how to use them
    • Help you create a parenting plan that works for you and your child(ren)
    • Provide advice on how to divide your assets and debts and protect your financial well being
    • Prepare a separation agreement or divorce and property contract
    • Prepare a Common-Law Cohabitation Agreement
    • Prepare a Prenuptial Agreement
    • Coach you through all stages of the court process- Chambers, Special Chambers, JDR, Trial etc
    • Prepare arguments for a Court Appearance in Provincial Court or Court of Queen’s Bench

Book a confidential online consultation below for only $79+GST (total $82.95).

With our 100% satisfaction guarantee you have nothing to lose.